Superstructures is a structural engineering consulting firm based in Pretoria, South Africa. The firm is branched into a bridge specialist department and a commercial and industrial buildings department.


We strive to be at the fore of the industry by keeping in touch with the latest research developments and by integrating the latest software solutions into design.  We are continuously exploring new software solutions to improve the work-flow with the ultimate goal to have a seamless integrated model for analysis, design and detailing.




The firm was founded in 2008 by Gerhard du Plessis with the goal to break away from the restrictive environment of larger firms, but to still have the expertise available to provide specialist solutions.


During the period 2008 to 2013 it remained a one man business while Gerhard served as a director at another consulting engineering firm. During this time an affiliation business was also formed, SOFiSTiK Southern Africa, providing software solutions in structural engineering and specialist project support. From 2008 to 2010 Gerhard was acting as lead structural engineer on the final construction stages of the Mbombela stadium, on behalf of GOBA consulting engineers. In the period 2011 to 2013 Gerhard entered the international bridge arena and was involved in the design of a number of medium and long span structures throughout Europe and the Middle East.


In 2014 the local design team was established consisting of an even spread engineers, technicians and detailers.


There is cross shareholding between Superstructures and SOFiSTiK Southern Africa, the local branch of the German software company, SOFiSTiK AG. SOFiSTiK is a market leader in Europe in the engineering software industry for structural analysis and design. It also provides 3D detailing solutions that adds onto the well-known Autodesk Revit package.


SOFiSTiK have identified a long time ago that BIM is going to be an integrated part of the design process and therefore have focused their development on it over the last few years. SOFiSTiK have established a bi-directional interface between its analysis/design package and REVIT. Inside Revit it has the Reinforcement Detailing add on app as well as the Reinforcement Generation add on app. The detailing app enable users to schedule the 3D generated reinforcement on 2D sheets together with bending schedules. The Reinforcement Generation app automatically generates reinforcement layouts and schedules from design results.


In addition to the REVIT platform there is also the Rhinoceros 3D platform. Curves and free-form surfaces are produced in Rhino which can be easily imported and meshed inside SOFiSTiK.


SOFiSTiK have developed the CABD (Computer Aided Bridge Design) module for bridge design. The module imports and converts complicated road geometry into 3D bridge modules. The module caters for any bridge type including Suspension Bridges, Cable Stay Bridges, Balanced Cantilever Bridges, Incrementally Launched Bridges, Precast Segmental Bridges, etc.


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Superstructures have integrated the SOFiSTiK software fully into its Bridge and Building design departments to ensure a seamless solution from analysis to design to detailing.


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Superstructures have been formed from a team of creative and ambitious structural engineers/technicians/detailers. The expertise covers a wide range of the structural industry and specializes in bridge design and challenging building design.


Superstructures have realized that 3D Modelling and BIM applications forms an integral part of today’s structural engineering industry. Superstructures have therefore invested heavily in mastering Bridge and Building Information Modelling software.


+27 (0)12 807 0476


+27 (0)82 808 5522




Block@Nature, Block F, 472 Botterklapper Street, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, 0184

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